Banking and Property Finance

For a specialist property finance service.

Ever found yourself – and your deal – going nowhere as your property lawyer and banking lawyer focus on their individual area of expertise with such zeal that they lose sight of the bigger picture – and your business? What’s worse is this often passes for a specialist property finance service.

At Ratio, we offer a specialist property finance service with a difference.

We keep our eye firmly on getting the deal done and offer a service to achieve just that. So your Ratio partner will handle both the property and finance side of your deal. Together. One lawyer with the core expertise to deliver a totally cohesive service – one single-minded focus to drive the deal through.

With our many years of experience – and with the commitment to offer our clients a service of real value – we believe our approach to be unique.

It certainly ensures a property finance service that delivers true expertise and commerciality. With many of our clients borrowing money secured against property and/or assets, this specialist service provides an easier, more efficient way to do business – and it can save both time and money. And in some cases, even the deal.

Banking and Property Finance services include: property finance • acquisition finance • development finance • structured finance and re-structuring • bridging finance.

For more details please contact:

Gisella Alberici
Tel: 0161 552 0103