A bigger kind of small.

Ratio brings you the best of both worlds in a property and business law firm.

We combine top tier city law firm expertise and background within a small, specialist team, to offer your business an exceptionally high quality of service with a remarkably low client-partner ratio.

We prefer to work closely with a small, select number of clients and deliver a professional and highly personalised service. One where you can expect to have a partnerʼs ear without always having to leave a message. Or three. A team you can trust like your own in-house counsel to get behind you – and get the job done.

As business owners, our breadth of knowledge across an extensive range of legal services comes with a real understanding of what it takes to start and run a successful business – and the roller coaster ride it can sometimes be.

So you can expect to find us on hand, on the case and most definitely on the money. Thatʼs what being a bigger kind of small is all about.